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At Kelso Kontracting we are experienced in stabilising ground for roadways, driveways and site foundations to suit civil construction as well as for agricultural projects, such as laneways, shed sites and more. Our machines and techniques have been adapted to streamline the stabilising process, allowing us to create a finish that outlasts traditional methods. We can create hard-wearing, durable surfaces with or without the use of cement.

Final product of cement stabilising at the new milk transfer station, Tapanui.

Rock Crushing


With more than 14-years experience in rock crushing, we use FAE equipment for its reliability and durability. We have engineered our equipment to maximise their potential in New Zealand conditions.  Our crushing process transforms under-used and unworkable soils into productive pastoral or cropping ground. This process is suitable for your paddock crushing as well as lanes, tracks and roads.

Stump Grinding & Mulching


Our stump grinding and mulching equipment significantly reduces the time and number of machines required to return an area to productive farmland post-harvest. We offer tractor and digger mounted mulching equipment to suit most areas. The staged process involves stump grinding and finishing which is more environmentally friendly than burning. Our equipment will mulch depths of up to 350mm and will only require rolling and leveling before being ready for sowing.



Turn your paddock in one easy step!

The Reefinator is the only one of its kind in New Zealand and can enhance your farming program and give you more options. 

This machine replaces the traditional method of working a paddock. No more multiple passes with the disc plough, harrows and then finally the cultivator to turn it back into a productive paddock. The Reefinator is a high-speed multiple pass machine, it gives the ground a double ‘whammy’ saving you time, hassle, money and fossil fuel!

Whammy 1

The Reefinator enters the paddock directly after your stock have been removed. The 16mm ribs (80mm x 80mm apart) fitted to the Reefinator break down the stony/rock surface and the 23-tonne weight of it buries everything it crosses pushing it beneath the surface.


Whammy 2 

The crushed stones/rock are buried. The soil is replaced on the surface to make a 70-80mm seed bed. The leveling boards and harrows at the back smooth it out creating a leveled ground ready for seeding.

Earthmoving & Excavation


From building effluent ponds and dams to drainage work and shed sites, at Kelso Kontracting we have the equipment to get any earth-moving or general excavation job done.



From optimal harvest timing to pit covering, Kelso Kontracting have the complete silage system to mow, rake, chop, stack and cover.



We offer contract cartage with our Mercedes Benz Actros V8 that has a Cougar low loader deck trailer. Capable of 35 ton carrying capacity and a 2.8m deck width with the ability to have overweight and over width kilometers if applicable. It’s a very stable work platform and safety is number one with plenty of chains and strops for whatever the job requires. The truck is installed with E-ROAD and Logbook for accurate trip recording and compliance.

We have professional and experienced Class 4 and 5 drivers available with FWTR endorsements who can load/offload tractors, excavators, bulldozers and other machinery. We have BESS certification and Class 2 PILOT drivers so we can offer piloting if required.



GPS in Machinery

Work done with our excavators, bulldozers graders or even tractor and scoop attachments have the option of GPS assisted machine control and GPS machine guidance. This service results in dramatically increased machine utilisation, productivity and optimises material usage on any earthmoving and fine-grading project.


GPS on Farm

Kelso Kontracting can provide our clients with up to date GPS technology, taking the guess work out of your project whilst increasing the efficiency and quality of work on site.

  • Accurate and reliable land measurements

  • Greater knowledge of contours and effect on land usage

  • Make it possible to gauge size of productive and non-productive land

  • Also used as a tool in managing drainage

Great Machines – Great Team – Great Results

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