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The Reefinator



Turn your paddock in one easy step

The Reefinator is the only one of its kind in New Zealand and can enhance your farming program and give you more options. 


This machine replaces the traditional method of working a paddock.

No more multiple passes with the disc plough, harrows and then finally the cultivator to turn it back into a productive paddock.

The Reefinator is a high-speed multiple pass machine, it gives the ground a double ‘whammy’ saving you time, hassle, money and fossil fuel!

Whammy 1

The Reefinator enters the paddock

directly after your stock have been removed. 

The 16mm ribs (80mm x 80mm apart) fitted to the Reefinator break down the stony/rock surface and the 23-tonne weight of it buries everything it crosses pushing it beneath the surface.


Whammy 2 

The crushed stones/rock are buried. The soil is replaced on the surface to make a 70-80mm seed bed.

The leveling boards and harrows at the back smooth it out creating a leveled ground ready for seeding.

On the left of this image you can see the result of the first pass by the Reefinator with the original rocky ground depicted on the right.

This is what the ground looks like after the second (final) pass. It is ready for seeding!

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